Kenyon Clarke: Why I love Millennials

September 2, 2019

Over the years I’ve heard so many people criticise young people and their work ethic. “Millennials are lazy” is an often-repeated statement that you would be forgiven for believing is evidently true. It’s not!

When you even think of the term Millennial, it is often in a negative context. Millennials are the generation where winning doesn’t count, and everyone receives a trophy. They are lazy, entitled, easily offended, selfish and have no interpersonal skills beyond their ability to communicate with their phone.

The Du Val office is full of millennials and in my view, nothing could be further from the truth. They are dynamic, keen to work and have the ability to push that I find lacking in older generations. They are happy to work long hours when they see that they are building futures for themselves.

Can it be that we are simply lucky to have found such awesome young people? I don’t think so!

My suspicion is that many employers don’t know how to foster an environment where young people can thrive. Millennials are simply smarter than previous generations. They grew up with the internet and they see what is possible.

Working for organisations that are stale will kill the spirit of a young person, as well as an organisation that doesn’t reward talent or teach them how to push, succeed and meet their goals. They are as aware as am I, that work doesn’t have to be stupefying. It should be an adventure and there should be rewards along the way that act as milestones for guiding the right action.

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  • Kenyon Clarke New Zealand

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